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Casio G SHOCK G Presents "LOVER COLLECTION" LOV-14A 2014/2015
Casio G SHOCK G Presents "LOVER COLLECTION" LOV-14A 2014/2015

Casio G SHOCK G Presents "LOVER COLLECTION" LOV-14A 2014/2015

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Christmas limited pair "G Presents Lover's Collection (G Presents Lovers Collection) 2014" to give to lovers. It is a pair model of pure white x pink gold to feel the glamorousness of holy night. This time, the base model adopts G-SHOCK's big case model "GA-110" combining various parts in a complex manner, and "BA-110" inspired by the design of that G-SHOCK. G-SHOCK at 9 o'clock and the center of the BABY-G dial plate, hide the motif of Horseshoe (horseshoe), which is said to be happy when worn, and produce a casual pair feeling. In addition, G-SHOCK and BABY-G's Horseshoe are laid out facing each other so that the infinity motif emerges when placed side by side. This is a wish that a strong bond that two people can always look at each other will last forever. The box of the white heart which imitated White Christmas also stimulates a sense of pair further. We imprint 2014 with angel & devil on the back cover. As the devil was originally an angel, it shows that although the form and shape are different, they are originally attracted by the same angel. It is a pair model for two people who spend holy night together.

※ Price is the amount of money of 2 sets of G-SHOCK and Baby-G.


Model Number : LOV-14A

  • Mineral Glass
  • Shock Resistant
  • 200-meter water resistance
  • Case / bezel material: Resin
  • Resin Band
  • Countdown timer
  • EL:Blue Green

Release : Year 2014