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Casio G SHOCK 2019AW "MTG" Carbon Bezel MTG-B1000XB

Casio G SHOCK 2019AW "MTG" Carbon Bezel MTG-B1000XB

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Casio G SHOCK 2019AW "MTG" Carbon Bezel

From the MTG-B1000 equipped with a smartphone link function and radio solar in an impact-resistant body that fuses metal and resin, a new model featuring carbon materials has appeared.

This model uses a carbon material characterized by lightweight and high rigidity for the bezel. Accent color is arranged on the laminated part of the carbon bezel, and mirror polish and hairline processing is applied to each edge of the metal parts that make up the exterior, making both toughness design and beauty compatible. In addition, the use of highly transparent sapphire glass and the index and in-dial using Casio Yamagata Factory's fine processing technology further enhance the texture. The band is made of highly wearable material * 1 and pursued comfort with the middle size case. In terms of functionality, it is equipped with a “Connected engine” that supports time correction via Bluetooth® connection. Connects with a smartphone with the Bluetooth® communication function, connects to the dedicated app “G-SHOCK Connected * 2”, and obtains time information from a time server on the Internet. In addition, it is equipped with multiband 6 that supports standard radio waves from 6 stations around the world, and automatically adjusts the time without connecting to a smartphone in the corresponding area. It is possible to display accurate time all over the world. Introducing the New MT-G, a new evolution that uses carbon-reinforced resin.


Model Number: MTG-B1000XB

  • Carbon Bezel
  • Sapphire Crystal Glass
  • Shock Resistant
  • 200-meter water resistance
  • New Band/Case Structure
  • Bluetooth Connect
  • Super illuminator
  • EL:White

Release : Year 2019